The Cleveland Browns Are Going To Win Super Bowl LIV

In the 2017 NFL season the Cleveland Browns tied the Lions record of going 0-16. Even though they drafted Myles Garrett first overall before the start of that season. With Hue Jackson gone and Freddie Kitchens in charge the Browns are set up to have an absolutely dominate season. Not saying they will go 16-0 but this team on paper is terrifying.

After the 2017 season the Browns had a 1st, 4th, and 35th overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft. These picks were Baker Mayfield, Denzel Ward, and Nick Chubb. Baker was a heisman trophy winner out of Oklahoma and had a lot of speculation on him throughout his first season, but the answer seems pretty clear. Baker is the franchise quarterback. The man is a complete stud. Their next pick was Denzel Ward, a lockdown corner out of Ohio State. Cornerbacks are usually not drafted that high but Denzel was well worth the pick. The Browns needed to slow down opponents passing yards and that is exactly what he did. Then it comes down to giving Baker an absolute dog in the backfield. Cleveland then went on to draft Georgia’s running back Nick Chubb. He came into the league with minimal touches due to having to share the ball with two other backs.

Knowing that Baker had a great chance of becoming their guy the Brown traded for Jarvis Landry in the 2018 offseason. Giving Baker a proven reliable receiver they could test the water. With these additions the Browns turned a 0-16 team into a 7-8-1 team. The thing is the Browns continue to do everything right. So in the 2019 offseason Cleveland traded for Odell Beckham Jr, arguably the best wide receiver in the league. Also former LSU teammate of Jarvis Landry. The Browns didn’t slow down there, they went out and got a dominate running back Kareem Hunt. Hunt was released from the Kansas City Chiefs last season after “beating the brakes off of a broad”-Pav. Every fan wanted this man on their team but no organization wanted to take the heat from picking him up. The Browns took the risk and got him for dirty cheap. He will not play until week 9 but Kareem being behind Chubb late season will be deadly. After the signing of Hunt came the 2019 NFL draft. Cleveland drafted cornerback Greedy Williams out of LSU with the 46th pick. Greedy was a major steal. He was originally projected to be a top 20 draft pick but slipped all the way down due to his “lack of tackling”. If Greedy plays to his full potential him and Denzel could be the most dominate corner duo in the league. With these new assets the Browns are going to be close to impossible to stop. On February 2nd the Cleveland Browns will be crowned Super Bowl Champions.