2019 NFL Mock Draft: Detroit Lions ALL SEVEN ROUNDS

The countdown begins ladies and gentlemen. The draft is almost a week away, so I’m obliged to release my mock draft for our Detroit Lions. Expect a full first round mock within the next week. Without further-ado, lets go.

Round 1/Pick 8: Brian Burns, EDGE, Florida State

NCAA Football: Samford at Florida State
Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

At 6’5 231lbs, what he lacks in weight, he makes up in speed. There is nothing bad I can say about the kid. He has long arms, incredible bend, explosiveness off the line, and will chase a ball carrier down the field. Brian Burns will be a top 3 player out of this draft, and he will be wearing Honolulu Blue. 

Round 2/Pick 43: Greedy Williams, CB, LSU


 Brett Duke, Nola.com | The Times-Picayune

Jesus lord, if Greedy falls, my God may he land in our hands. This is quite the drop, but it is because of the major factor that I continued to bring up a few months ago, he is not a tackler. Lots of GM’s will fall off the wagon because of this, but not Bob Quin. No sir. We want our corners to cover and Greedy Williams will cover a receiver at an elite level. My backup pick here would be Christ Lindstrom, Guard, Boston College. One of the two should fall into our hands. But starting off with Burns and Williams would be a deadly combination to add to our defense. 

Round 3/Pick 88: JJ Arcega-Whiteside, WR, Stanford


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JJ Arcega-Whiteside stands at 6’3 225lbs. Big man, huh? Whiteside has a basketball background, which shows when he competes for one on one balls. He is a blessing to watch, shows incredible ball control. Not the fastest guy in the world, but he will be a reliable target to Mr. Stafford for the years to come. 

Round 4/Pick 111: Ross Pierschbacher, IOL, Alabama


Photo from: RollTide.com

Look at this MAN. He is a MAN. Good lord. Look at Tua in the background with his clean jersey, beautiful isn’t it? Part of the reason for his cleanliness is Pierschbacher. Absolute unit, standing at an honest 6’3 304lbs. Animal. This is what I want to see on our line. Somebody who is big and their name I can’t pronounce. Analysis on our man here is that he’s too upright, but I will live with that. He is an Alabama bred offensive lineman, and he will do wonders filling in the hole that was left at our guard position because of the retiring of TJ Lang. 

Round 5/ Pick 146: TJ Edwards, LB, Wisconsin


Tom Mead/InsideThePylon

I had to debate myself between TJ Edwards, Khalil Hodge, and Terrill Hanks here. I would not be upset with any of the three. I go with TJ based on the fact that he is the big tackler that can disrupt the pass game. He is what Hodge lacks in size, and what Hanks lacks in experience. I don’t expect him to be in the starting rotation day one, but look for him in the future to be an instrumental part of the Lions’ linebacker core. 

Round 6/Pick 184: Foster Moreau, TE, LSU


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Moreau is graded oddly. Some reports express his blocking ability as being his best attribute, others say his receiving ability is his better. I’m torn. Regardless, I think that it’s a good thing to say both. The LSU offense was not that all productive, but Moreau shows promise as being a TE2 coming out of the gate. I’m not certain that he will fall this late, but would be ecstatic if he did. 

Round 6/Pick 204: Karan Higdon, RB, Michigan


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Little hometown fandom here but don’t get it twisted, Karan Higdon can be that late round player that turns into a productive NFL player. Not the biggest back in the draft, nor the fastest. What Karan is best at his utilizing his blocks and having excellent vision at the line of scrimmage. Early in his career, I think Higdon will be best as a 3rd down back, before transitioning to an early down back. 

Round 7/Pick 224: Demarcus Christmas, IDL, Florida State


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Demarcus Christmas fills the need for an extra rotational defensive lineman. The dude is massive. He isn’t your disruptive every down lineman, but he will be the perfect role player that every team needs. Putting him behind Snacks would be an extreme fortune, as he can develop into a potential every down player. As of today, he will be a great 7th round pick up. 

Round 7/Pick 229: Gardner Minshew, QB, Washington State


Washington State sports information

Minshew has developed under one of the greatest minds the sport has to offer being Coach Leach. I don’t suspect him to be our Tom Brady, but having him in our QB room providing the knowledge he learned at Washington State will be a massive help for our stale offense. Also helps to have a young gun in case anything tragic happens. Who knows, maybe Minshaw is the next Brady. I’m okay with that.