Michigan State’s new alternates were made by Stevie Wonder MY BLOG:

(via twitter @MSUFootball)

These are complete and utter trash. Neon green is a tough color to make it look good, and this is not it chief. Those things are gross. The only other uniform that I can think of that are worse than these is Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Like, what are you thinking? Who made these? I feel like they just copied a blank jersey into MS Paint, put a funky font on the front and added neon green and dark green as the fill, and bam, alternate jerseys. At least get a chrome helmet or something. There’s just too much going on in these. If you make alternates, stick to a grey or black. Lets leave the neon colors out of it unless you are willing to go all out like Oregon. Oh, and who the allowed this kid to wear Seattle Seahawks gloves? Zoom in on the gloves, literally the Seahawks logo. What in the world MSU. I hope this was a late April Fools joke because good lord, these are brutal. Please for the love of God Michigan, do not make this same mistake. I predicted MSU to have a major bounce back year, but not with these clown suits.