Michgan State Basketballs Better Than Michigan MY BLOG:

First and foremost, I am a Michigan fan. Go Blue is my yeee yee. Whatever, that’s besides the point. Unlike most of my fellow fans of the maize and blue, I can recognize that my team is inferior to the puke green and white, in basketball. I’m not even going to say that Michigan choked yesterday, because they didn’t. They were outplayed down the stretch, and it showed. However, I really do not understand the uproar of Michigan State being put into Duke’s region. I, being Michigan, would rather be put in that region than put in Michigan’s region. I truly believe, up and down, Michigan’s region is much more difficult than State’s. State has to beat Duke. Of course, looking at the seeding, Gonzaga is trash compared to Duke. Duke is favored to win the entire thing. Besides Zion, who are the best players in the tournament? Grant Williams (Tennessee), RJ Barrett (Duke), De’Andre Hunter (Virginia), and then you have Markus Howard (Marquette), Jarrett Culver (Texas Tech), JA Morant (Murray State), Rui Hachimura (Gonzaga), Brandon Clarke (Gonzaga), and Caleb Martin (Nevada). All of the players after Hunter are all in Michigan’s region. Don’t even start with the “players don’t win, teams win” bs. March Madness is madness because of the excitement, and I’m telling you right now, the excitement is going to be in the West region with Michigan, but not from Michigan. I have Michigan losing to Florida/Nevada. I think State will have a better run in the tournament, because of their placement. I would’ve expected State to be much more upset if they were placed in the West. Regardless, my blessings are sent your way EL. May Cassius lead you to a historic defeat to Duke in the Elite 8. Thank you and god bless.