Dilemma in Detroit (Inner Monologue vol.3)

Inner Monologue is how I express my thoughts on a range of issues and topics. Specifically, these pieces will be less analytical and more broad. This is a platform for me to give my two cents on things that are a point of controversy. I will offend, I might be wrong, but I will be honest. My opinions are my own, but I am open to discussion. Enjoy.

What the hell do you want? This Lions organization is nothing better than a losing organization. “We need a coach, we need a quarterback, we need a running game, we need an offensive line, we need a defense, we need this, we need that”. Everyone dreams of being the New England Patriots and guess what, we hired their GM, we hired their coach, we brought in some of their players. This is the Patriot way.

The Patriot way is winning. Nothing less. It’s the simple fact that people are pissed about the way Patricia looks. Who cares? Would him going into a press conference with a full tuxedo give him a better gameplan? Would him shaving his beard make his defense tackle? Would him getting the pencil out of his ear help him review film? Would him turning his hat around help his offensive line block? I don’t understand how these things impact his coaching, because they don’t.

The Patriot way is getting rid of declining players. If they were allowed, they would’ve traded Brady over Garoppolo. 2 more years of declining Tom Brady or 7 years to continue the dynasty with Jimmy G? Now the big deal this week is trading Golden Tate. We traded a 30 year old slot receiver, who is on the decline of his career, who will not be resigned, who is taking away from this offense. Yes, Tate is very good at running a 5 yard slant. Big deal. We received a very valuable asset by giving up a future burden.

Would we be better with Tate this year? Does Tate make this 7 win team to an 8 win team? No, he really doesn’t. Sure, it’s cool seeing him dance into the end zone when we’re down by 30. He was really good the last 3 years, but is he going to get better the next 3 years?

Personally, it’s all or nothing. Super Bowl or high draft pick. This Lions team lost to the 49ers and Jets. It’s sick. Cool, we beat a banged up New England and a banged up Green Bay team, which if you remember, missed 5 field goals that game. This team is not a playoff team. The NFC North is not “wide-open” for us, the Lions simply cannot compete this year. Kerryon Johnson will only get better. Kenny Galloday will get better. Our defense? Hopefully will get better. You can’t compete in this league with an average offense and an average defense. Average gets you 6-8 wins. We have the toughest schedule coming up, and I don’t see how we make it out with 3 wins the next 5 games.

Eat your chicken wings, drink your Bud Light, and just enjoy the growth of the Lions. Understand that the Lions finally know what their doing, and if you wanna complain, next year will be perfect. Give the GM another draft, get Patricia out of his first year, and let’s see how it goes. But complaining about the Tate trade is unacceptable, and complaining about Patricia’s appearance is sorry. Stop complaining and start accepting. Your Lions suck, but it will get better.