Little Brother (Inner Monologue vol.2)

Inner Monologue is how I express my thoughts on a range of issues and topics. Specifically, these pieces will be less analytical and more broad. This is a platform for me to give my two cents on things that are a point of controversy. I will offend, I might be wrong, but I will be honest. My opinions are my own, but I am open to discussion. Enjoy.

Boo-hoo Sparties, boo-hoo. Cry about Devin Bush’s stomping on your sacred logo. Cry about Winovich calling you a little brother. Cry about Harbaugh not apologizing for their actions. Or let’s make excuses on how your QB was hurt, how he didn’t practice all week. Or how your key players were hurt. Yes, feel sorry for yourselves. Feel sorry for yourselves because nobody else gives a damn.

Let’s start on your excuses. Brian Lewerke was hurt. Apparently he didn’t practice all week. If that’s the case, why was he under center? Explain that. It ruins chemistry with the line, the receivers, and the backs. You have a dude named Rocky Lombardi running with the starters during practice, but give Lewerke the go on game day? It’s hard to get any worse at QB. Would Lombardi win that game for you? No. I don’t think Jesus would’ve won that game for you. Furthermore on the injuries, yeah your team is banged up. So was Michigan. Arguably our star players on both sides of the ball weren’t playing (Black and Gary). Don’t give me a sob story on how your team is injury plagued. Your gameplan sucked. Your execution sucked. Your play calling sucked. Your team sucked.

Now onto the sad part. The Sparties get absolutely destroyed, and the thing they want to bitch about is Michigan’s “class”. “Win with class” “Act like you’ve been here before” “Devin Bush is a child” “Winovich’s comments were uncalled for and disgusting” smd how about that. You wanna bitch and moan about all that when you couldn’t even get 100 yards of offense? You couldn’t stop the run when, apparently, you had the best run defense in the country. But the biggest takeaway from this game are things that didn’t even happen in those 60 minutes of football. The only “disgusting” thing about that game on Saturday is how horrific you played.

Now in comes the “we weren’t even a good team anyway” comments. You beat Penn State. You were ranked. You were just out planned, out matched, and out coached. The better team won.

Chase Winovich talked about how you were the little brother and that is what has everyone bitching. You know who bitches? Little brothers. Take your loss, move on, and get better because you sucked on Saturday.